Farmer activists in the making – KRRS youth camp in photos

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Amrita Bhoomi recently hosted a youth training camp from Sep 21st to 23rd. Lots of debates and discussions were held and much fun was had! Youth training is one of the most important programs of KRRS and Amrita Bhoomi. Young people, the future of the movement get an opportunity to come together, learn, debate,  and become better leaders. Here, we bring you some photos that capture the special moments of the camp.

In a group discussion

Taking an oath of commitment to the farmer’s movement at Professor Nanjundaswamy’s memorial stone

Actor Prakash Rai comes to wish the youths

Singing songs of struggle in the evenings

Talking about women farmers with Kavitha Kuruganti and Kavitha Sreenivasan of MAKAAM. All the young farmers agreed that women must own land equally.

KP Suresh talking about the agrarian crisis

Singing the anthem of KRRS


Talking about the achievements and limitations of the farmer’s movement

Dr Vasu and Mallige of Karnataka Jana Shakti addressing the students

KT Gangadhar- the current president of KRRS talking about the history of the farmers movement

long live the farmer’s movement!


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