The Millet Revolution

The promotion of the ancient grain – millets is one of the key campaigns of Amrita Bhoomi. Millets were largely wiped out of our diets and farms because of the green revolution – at the time, the government promoted high yielding water guzzling and chemical responsive crops like rice and wheat. Millets are hailed as a miracle crop. They can grow in drought like conditions and don’t need chemicals or fertilization. They have a far superior nutritional profile to polished rice or wheat, while their crop residues can be used as fodder.



Amrita Bhoomi has held various workshops to train farmers on millets production- at the end of each farmers are given millets seeds for planting. The same farmers are invited to attend millet fairs in order to sell their produce to urban consumers – Amrita Bhoomi has tied up with urban retail groups like Grameena Kutumba to carry out direct marketing efforts among consumers. Amrita Bhoomi will also conduct its first millets fair in 2017 in collaboration with the state government for a massive seed exchange in various districts of Karnataka. Amrita Bhoomi currently has a large collection of millets seeds, which it will multiply for distribution among farmers.