South Asian Youth farmers training camp on agroecology

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This December 2018 we held a training workshop for South Asian peasant youth from Via Campesina organizations in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. It was a detailed, yet fun and adventurous week. We started with political and technical training on agroecology with a number of teachers who came to have a dialogue with the students. We also had daily field sessions and practical training on making biopesticides, grafting techniques and seed saving. After a few days at Amrita Bhoomi, the students went to our neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh to learn about the Zero Budget Natural Farming state policy there and visit other youth farmers there. We also visited the Timbaktu center which has many key lessons on cooperatives and group approaches leaving with a desire to return and learn more! Lots of dancing around a fire was also involved because the nights were very cold and we cooked biriyani and played midnight Kabbadi!

Training Session At Amrita Bhoomi

Visit to Andhra Pradesh Natural Farming Youth!

Visit to Timbaktu

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