State Minister of Agriculture Inaugurates 5 layer Model Farm at Amrita Bhoomi

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Planting the first trees of the 5 layer model farm

Today, the new state Minister of Agriculture N.H. Shivashankara Reddy came to Amrita Bhoomi to inaugurate our 5 layer Palekar model farm. 5 layer is an excellent Zero Budget Natural Farming model where trees, shrubs, creepers and smaller plants are planted at different heights and use optimum sunlight. The model has been very successful and can be practised even in just one acre of land. We were honoured to have Prasanna Murthy and Avinash with us, both very hardworking ZBNF trainers in our state

It is our endeavour to reach more and more farmers and youth so they can learn about and adopt natural farming techniques.

That’s a diagram of the 5 layer Palekar model

Vasantha, one of the seed experts of Amrita Bhoomi introducing our seed center

Paying homage to Professor and Mrs Nanjundaswamy. Professor was the founder of Amrita Bhoomi and the farmer’s movement -Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha.

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